Rebuild Services

Triosim rebuilds and upgrades strategic mill equipment to meet the ever-changing needs of the pulp and paper industry.

Triosim’s rebuild service will extend the mechanical life of your equipment and increase the performance to your expectations. All of our services offer considerable savings versus purchasing new equipment.

Go Further with Triosim

Rebuilds & Machinery Rebuilders:

Rebuilding a part or component can extend the life of your pulp and paper mill equipment at a rate comparable to a new, replacement component, often at half the cost.

The rebuild service offered by Triosim extends well beyond repair or refurbish. Every project is carefully analyzed to determine the impact of the rebuild process on critical dimensions. Our technicians are experts at assessing the effects of processes on the strength and corrosion resistant properties of materials.

We can rebuild and service anything from woodyard to the winder!

Why you should work with Triosim?