Triosim in the Pulp and Paper Industry

By offering a variety of tub, rotor, extraction plate and drive styles, we can customize the pulper design to ensure maximum output for your particular operating conditions.

We also rebuild and repair pulper drives and restore non-conforming components to original specifications or install all new components and spin test the drives to verify compliance. We use a combination of new, rebuilt, and repaired components to keep total project costs to a minimum.

Go Further with Triosim

Pulp Equipment

A simplified, smarter Pulp Washing Shower System provides increased performance, flexibility, and durability. The Triosim pulp washing shower’s patented design creates maximum hydraulic efficiency and superior chemical recovery.


Pulpers and Drives

Our pulpers quickly and efficiently re-pulp a variety of waste paper or virgin pulp in batch, continuous, or under-machine broke pulper applications.

We offer a variety of Pulper Drive services including drive restoration, new drive installation, along with repair and exchange programs

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