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Our industry-leading staff provide engineered, custom solutions that are functional, cost-effective, and designed to help our customers achieve unparalleled quality and productivity.

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Reverse Engineering

When rebuilding your components, we use our extensive experience to offer design improvements and upgrades that extend the life of your existing equipment, helping you improve return on investment. Our ever-growing engineering data library contains decades of information that can be immediately accessed by the engineering staff as a reference of successful design solutions that can be applied to your job.

As part of our reverse engineering services, we create 3D design CAD models directly from supplied parts. 3D modeling allows for the extraction of the digital shape of physical objects that may have insufficient design documentation or need CAD data for modern manufacturing methods. This process allows for the troubleshooting, reproduction, or analysis of a component.


Design & Engineering

Whether you need a direct replacement, parts or custom or rebuilt equipment, Triosim’s engineering team will utilize over 150 years of combined experience in equipment and parts design to ensure you have the best equipment possible. Our experience enables us to offer both functional and cost-effective solutions for your toughest challenges. With the aid of our advanced 3-D modeling software, we can produce an accurate replica of your facilities and existing equipment. We then analyze your situation and recommend the new equipment, parts or upgrades that will help you optimize performance.

Using the latest technology:


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