The design of many seals on the market today cause damage and wear to equipment, which increases your maintenance budget. Triosim seals reduce the amount of damage done to your equipment which reduces unnecessary maintenance and repairs, saving you money.

Triosim Premium Oil Seal

The Triosim Premium Oil Seal consists of a single molded piece, operating free of any springs or retaining elements. The design is profiled for a stable fit at the Gearcase, providing several benefits that make it the highest quality oil seal on the market.

Triosim Journal Seals

Triosim Journal Seals provide an efficient alternative to conventional packing on trunnions, tail shafts, and repulper shafts.

Triosim DF-II Seals (for Discharge Valve Assemblies)

The DF-II Seal is a mechanical seal installed at the discharge valve and trunnion. The seal was designed to replace packing at the Discharge Valve.

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