Triosim has their own patterns to furnish castings for new rotors, rotor caps and rotor hubs for replacement applications. We also have a thicker faceplate design with up to 25% to 50% longer and better wear life.

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New Rotors

Triosim has our own patterns for what has proven to be one of the best, most constant producing designs for the last 70 years. Our rotors are cast in the United States by local companies. While we produce or rebuild many of this proven design, we are consistently trying to improve on this design. We have developed two versions of this design that has reduced energy usage and has added additional production to its life cycle. These new designs are a “Hi-Eff” and a “Hybrid” design.

Rotor Rebuilds

Triosim has used its 50 plus years of experience to become one of the most cost effective, highest quality rebuilders on the marked today. While we rebuild and maintain our own rotors, we also rebuild and service all rotors from any of the manufacturers in the market today. This includes all the large O.E.M.’s at a more cost effective price. Our engineers will work with your production and maintenance personnel to insure that the rotors will meet or exceed their requirements while maintaining the integrity of the original design.

Parts, Components & Kits

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