Pulper & Pulper Drives

Triosim pulpers quickly and efficiently re-pulp a variety of waste paper or virgin pulp in a batch, continuous or under-machine broke pulper applications. By offering a variety of tub, rotor, extraction plate and drive styles, we can customize the pulper design to ensure maximum output for your particular operating conditions. By using a combination of new, rebuilt and repaired components, total project costs can be kept to a minimum.

Go Further with Triosim

Pulper and Drives

Triosim offers completely new Upgraded No 4 Pulper drives allowing for increased HP utilization for increased capacity requirements.  New castings, upgraded materials and designs to eliminate weakness in original OEM offering.

Pulper Conversions and Retrofits

Triosim’s professionals can help you extend the life, and upgrade the operation of any older style batch, continuous or under- machine broke pulper.  Our engineered conversion package can significantly increase the performance of your outdated pulper increasing productivity and efficiency.  In addition, retrofit packages are available to enhance the performance of stock prep equipment.  Many include innovative  extraction chamber designs featuring a replaceable packing box, wear plate sealing ring and flat wall tub baffles for pulpers.


Pulper Drive Rebuilds

Rebuilding pulper drives can result in savings between 30 and 50 percent. We restore any non-conforming components to original specifications or install all new components and spin test the drives to verify compliance. Klingelnberg-cut gears are used on most drives to greatly improve wear resistance and drive efficiency.

Our Process

  • Inspect and measure critical parts
  • Restore any non-conforming components to original specifications
  • If needed, install new components and spin test the drives to verify compliance

Pulper Drive Repair & Exchange Program

When you need to get a pulper back in production fast, Triosim’s exchange program is your answer. We stock a variety of common drives in various ratios with new shafts, gears, bearings, seals, shims and fasteners for immediate delivery. If we are able to re-use the core from your old drive, we credit its value against the cost of the exchange.


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