Washing Products Parts & Seals

Triosim’s Spare Parts capabilities for Pulp Washing Equipment include replacements for all major Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs). Fit and workmanship are always guaranteed 100% – whether you need a direct replacement, custom or rebuilt part for your pulp mill equipment. Your part will be engineered for a perfect fit and manufactured to standards that meet or exceed your OEM part, often at a significant savings. Triosim can also rebuild many parts and components to support pulp washing equipment.

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Replacement Parts

Triosim offers an extraordinary program for replacement parts. On maintenance shutdowns, at the request of the customer, Triosim arrives at the mill site with an assortment of appropriate parts that, as work inspections progress, may be required to complete maintenance tasks. These consignment part boxes (sometimes referred to as maintenance kits) are a convenient and cost-effective way of ensuring that maintenance and repairs are completed efficiently. Parts not used are simply returned to Triosim and restocked at no charge to the customer. This service enables us to complete work without delay in the event of a parts shortage.



The design of many seals on the market today cause damage and wear to equipment, which increases your maintenance budget. Triosim seals reduce the amount of damage done to your equipment which reduces unnecessary maintenance and repairs, saving you money. Triosim Journal Seals provide an efficient alternative to conventional packing on trunnions, tail shafts, and repulper shafts.

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