Detrashing Products

Triosim’s complete detrashing system is a full turnkey solution to fulfill your pulping needs.

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Detrashing Products

Triosim offers two types of detrashing systems. One is the feed forward style and the other is the recirculating back to the pulper style. They both have advantages depending on what you are trying to accomplish with your pulping system.  If you need more tonnage quickly, the best option would be a feed forward system.  If you need to clean your furnish better in the pulper and tonnage is not an issue, then the Recirculating system would be better.

Efficient Detrashing Systems for Maximum Production Capability

Triosim’s complete detrashing system is a full turnkey solution to fulfill your pulping needs.

Product Features

  • Operates in conjunction with continuous or batch waste paper pulpers
  • Fiber separated and maintained by passing through a perforated extraction plate
  • Drum screen creates further processing and removal
  • Sustains peak production by feeding accepted fiber forward
  • Maintains low debris level in pulper tub, improving defibering and reducing wear of rotor and extraction plate
  • Stainless steel construction for longevity and durability
  • High-capacity rotor mounted over a perforated extraction plate

Trash Pumps

Triosim offers 3 sizes of trash pumps. Fabricated in stainless steel, these are designed to last. They come complete on their own soleplate that also mounts the motor and guard. We do recommend a variable speed drive on these units to tune the exact RPM for the most efficient power consumption. The sizes are based on the required flow rates need for the detrashing system.

Trash Towers with Grapples

Fabricated in stainless steel this piece of equipment last for life of the pulper. They come in 48” dia. and 60” dia. Sizes.  A overflow box mounted to the side of the unit feeds mostly light weight rejects to the detrashing system.  The heavy rejects will gather in the bottom of the tower for the Hydraulic grapple to come down and remove the heavies from the bottom. The hydraulic grapple can be manual or automatic operation and if the monorail system above the pulper is designed correctly, the grapple unit can also be used to change rotor and extraction plate in the pulper.

Drum Screens

Triosims cantilevered drum screen is a robust reliable unit that comes in two sizes. Depending on the amount of reject flow, you can have these units made in 100” long and 126” long designs.  The units can be mounted on a concrete pier or a fabricated framework. These units are designed to wash the remaining fiber from the detrasher rejects back into the pulper for further processing. These units are typically mounted above the pulper for gravity flow back to pulper.

Optimize Your Production

We’ll provide an on-site analysis to identify the best equipment arrangement possible. Contact us to learn more about how Triosim detrashers can create efficiencies in your facility.


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