Cleaning Products

Triosim stock cleaning systems provide high-efficiency removal of contaminants in pulp slurries. Cleaning involves the use of our high density centrifugal cleaners that reduce wear on screens by removing heavy contaminants from the stock. We can offer you new and rebuilt products and replacement parts as well as an expert service team to install and maintain your critical production equipment.

Pulping Products

Triosim provides complete systems, products, parts and on-site services for all your virgin and waste paper pulping and detrashing process needs. We can provide the right solution designed to maximize your quality, energy efficiency and maximum fiber recovery.


Screening Products

Triosim is an industry leader in the screening of pulp stock. Whether it is virgin or waste paper stock we have the systems, products, parts and services to improve your fiber processing operations.


Thick Stock Pumps

Triosim is premier rebuilder of thick stock pumps for the pulp and paper industry. With over 36 years in the business, and over 200 years experience in thick stock pump rebuilds, Triosim has pioneered improvements that increase production and life of our pumps.

Refining and Deflaking Products

Triosim knows the treatment of fiber includes the most important aspects of disintegration and surface treatment of every fiber. With our Deflaking and Refining products, parts and services we can provide solutions to help prevent sheet breaks and improve higher fiber binding and chemical absorption capacity which will result in lower downtime in the mill.

Detrashing Products

We offer complete systems for removal and detrashing of the debris and contaminants in your process. Our detrashing systems are designed to maximize your fiber recovery while removing unwanted debris.

Washing Products

Triosim knows performance, flexibilty and durability are critical in providing a simple and smarter pulp washing systems. Our washer drum rebuilds and upgrades as well as our systems and patented designed products are designed for maximium hydraulic efficency and superior chemical recovery. These products along with our superior service team provide making the most of your scheduled downtime while offering considerable savings and improved efficiencies in your facility. cy.

Woodhandling Products

Triosim offers wood handling solutions for the pulp and paper board industry. We can incorporate custom made process and service improvements that will ensure optimal supply of wood chips to the pulping process.

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