Roll Covers

Triosim has more than 5,000 roll covers in operation worldwide utilize polyurethane technology. Triosim utilizes specially formulated DuraTrax™ coatings to enhance your roll performance.

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Polyurethane Roll Cover Benefits

  • Hydrophobic
  • Resists corrosion
  • High abrasion resistance
  • High coefficient of friction
  • Reduces slippage and wear on the wire
  • Lower power consumption
  • Reduces “stickies” build-up with SlickMax™ with Teflon® product
  • Faster turnaround time


Unique Chemistry

Our polyurethane covers are made from a unique blend of polymers and are custom designed to meet a variety of uses, conditions, temperatures and applications.


DuraTrax Product Line


WireMax™ is a dense, thermally-stable wire and felt roll cover used in all traditional wire roll and press/wet felt roll applications. WireMax™ is custom engineered for the wet end of a paper machine, and provides optimal traction, durability, doctorability and hydrophobicity. More traction means less horsepower needed to drive your wires and felts.

WireMax™ PDF


SlickMax™ is a high temperature release roll cover custom engineered to prevent the buildup of “stickies” on a roll cover. SlickMax™ utilizes Teflon® throughout the cover matrix to ensure the optimal surface to prevent “stickies,” sheet picking, and abrasion. SlickMax™ also allows the operator to regrind the cover when necessary to achieve a specific surface finish.

SlickMax™ PDF


More DuraTrax Product Line


FeltMax™ is designed for extreme conditions, whether it’s severe abrasion, doctoring, or temperature. FeltMax™ is a revolutionary technology that can handle higher temperatures around the size press and still be soft enough at application temperature to reduce slippage with the wire or felt. FeltMax™ offers unsurpassed abrasion resistance, hydrophobicity, thermal stability and doctorability.

FeltMax™ PDF


ReelMax™ reel spool covers provide the durability required without compromising the protection necessary to prevent the reel drum from damage. ReelMax™ covers are exceptionally difficult to cut and will self-heal. ReelMax™ is optimally-filled with polyurethane matrix, resulting in unparalleled traction properties for tighter turn-ups and less wasted paper.

ReelMax™ PDF

Standard color for all materials is black – additional and custom colors are available.

Thermal Arc


Triosim offers coatings with ARCSPRAY. ArcSpray process uses two wires electrically charged, one positive ( + ) the other negative ( – ). They are positioned so that when fed together, an arc (ionized path) is formed between the two wires. Compressed air atomizes the molten metal and propels the particles forward at very high velocity. Upon impact, the molten particles fuse to the base metal and flatten out to form a very dense layer. Additional layers can be added to achieve the desired thickness. The coatings can be finished by machining or grinding or used in the as sprayed condition.

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