Paper Products

Paper Machine Rolls

Triosim can fulfill your roll fabrication requirements – we create rolls based on customer supplied drawings or create a custom designed roll based on customer parameters. We offer new roll fabrication ranging from a simple Nip Roll to complex Double-Shell-Spiraled-Baffled Chill Rolls. Our extensive experience and unsurpassed craftsmanship supplies our customers with the highest quality rolls in the industry today.

Roll Covers

Triosim has more than 5,000 roll covers in operation worldwide utilize polyurethane technology. Triosim utilizes specially formulated DuraTrax™ coatings to enhance your roll performance.

Our polyurethane covers are made from a unique blend of polymers and are custom designed to meet a variety of uses, conditions, temperatures and applications.

Roll Grinding & Balancing

Triosim provides comprehensive roll grinding services for a variety of industries. Our precision roll grinding experience provides our customers with the assurance that tolerances will be met and well documented.

At Triosim, precision tolerances are not a problem! We can hold precision tolerances down to .000030 TIR and .000050 straightness on certain applications. We routinely hold .0002 TIR and straightness tolerances on paper industry calendar rolls. Most rolls do not require tight precision tolerances; however, when they do, Triosim is your one stop shop for precision roll grinding.

Roll Repair and Refurbishment

Triosim is your quick supply source for most replacement parts, and an array of custom engineered parts. We know what unscheduled downtime is like, therefore we strive to provide you with quick, and efficient solutions to keep your operation running smoothly.

Roll Splitters

Triosim roll splitters feature a hardened-tool, steel cutting knife for rapid slabbing down of broke and butt rolls of paper. Our roll splitters are versatile, handling roll sizes up to 72″ diameter and 108″ face length.

Steam & Condensate


TRIOSIM is a certified service provider and authorized distributor for Deublin Steam Systems. Our certified technicians can rebuild your rotary steam unions in our shop or in the field. TRIOSIM only uses Deublin OEM parts to rebuild your steam unions at list price. We currently offer steam union exchange programs to new and existing customers.


Vacuum Pumps

Triosim medium and large capacity single stage vacuum pumps are designed and manufactured for demanding applications in extremely tough conditions. Our heavy-duty pumps serve a wide range of applications in the pulp, paper and paper converting, Mining, Plastic Extrusion and Filtration industries to name a few. Each industry we serve has unique and specific requirements, our team is committed to solving your fluid handling challenges with our pump products, services and expert staff with the highest quality, competitive pricing and quick turnaround.

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