Custom Fabricated Products

We are equipped to meet your custom fabricated equipment needs.  Bring your designs or work with our Engineering staff to design your equipment in our 3D modeling software package, we will design, fabricate and machine to your product to stringent quality requirements.

Go Further with Triosim

Custom Fabricated Products

Our seasoned technicians – averaging 20 years of experience each – bring a wealth of fabrication, machining and assembly expertise to your project. We use the latest CNC machining equipment and do all our own welding and fabricating in-house. We are totally committed to producing precision machine components that meet your exacting specifications. The Stress Analysis Environment within our 3-D modeling software can simulate stress, deflection and simulated loads to assist in designing more effective solutions. These design improvements are incorporated into our manufacturing process to produce the most functional part or component.

Designed and Built to Your Specifications

Our engineering group has over 200 years of combined experience in equipment design, enabling us to offer both functional and cost effective solutions to your toughest challenges. With the aid of our advanced 3-D modeling software, we can produce an accurate replica of your facilities and existing equipment. We then analyze your situation and recommend the new equipment or upgrades that will help you optimize performance. This approach produces the best long-term solution to help you maximize productivity and minimize unscheduled downtime.

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