Safety and Sustainability

At Triosim Corporation, safety is our first priority and working safely is paramount in all that we do. Being a services based company, our employees are our greatest assets. Dedicated to the proper training and education of our employees, being involved with industry, leading safety associations, and actively managing all aspects of performance; Triosim takes great pride in making sure that our employees arrive home safely – every single day.

Our customers have peace of mind in knowing that we take a proactive approach to reducing hazards and increasing awareness of safe practices by beginning every service appointment with a tool box safety meeting to review and discuss the job scope for a secure and efficient work day. Job Safety Analysis (JSA) for each project is also completed to identify the hazards associated with a wide range of services jobs.

Environmental sustainability is all about making responsible decisions that will reduce our company’s negative impact on the environment. We are focused on not just reducing the amount of waste we produce or use but we are concerned with developing processes that will help us collaborate with our customers to meet todays needs without compromising the ability of future generations to do the same. Its all about making a difference and we are committed to making the best decisions and actions to do our part in protecting the people and our planet.

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