Southern Specialty Services – Serving the Paper & Pulp Industry

STAR CITY, AR, May 15, 2017 – Southern Specialty Services, an affiliate of Triosim Corporation, has been serving the paper and pulp industry for more than 25 years and is the only wire cloth manufacturer in the United States with a washer rebuilding facility.

Southern Specialty Services, offers a variety of stainless steel and plastic polymer woven fabrics. Using precision technology to ensure fabrics are cut precisely, and Southern Specialty hand seams to fit individual specifications of the customer and can fit any size drum.

Southern Specialty’s weaving operation allows them to custom design wire cloth and fabrics used for filter media. Their commitment to service allows customers to remain competitive by minimizing down time and maximizing production.

Southern Specialty’s experienced staff is available 24/7 – from emergency repairs to professional installation, they can do it all. The main office and 30,000 square foot rebuild facility are located in Star City, Arkansas. Operation of a satellite office in Richmond Hill, Georgia that allows for even faster response times to businesses throughout the United States.


About Triosim Corporation

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